Renee's Values & History

What matters to my neighbors in Duluth…to live in a community that provides access to:

• Public safety

• Livable wages

• Healthcare

• Transportation

• Homes and dwellings that provide safe, accessible, functional, and affordable opportunities to all Duluth residents

• Streets and utilities that work

• Retail opportunities for food, clothing, hardware, technology, and entertainment

• Education opportunities for all people, all abilities

• Eldercare and the ability to age in place with dignity

• Outdoor recreation and access to trails, waterways, parks, walkable neighborhoods, community gardens, and Lake Superior

• Vibrancy and welcoming neighborhoods for all


City Council Role

• A calming voice providing peaceful and civil dialogue to engage multi-cultural perspectives in the interest of all of Duluth’s citizens

• Implements collaborative interaction with fellow Councilors, Mayor, and City Staff to support each other for providing effective solutions to the City’s and residents’ needs

• Uses positive engagement with constituents and Councilors for a forward-looking approach to problem-solving

• Seeks mutual understanding with constituents, Councilors, Mayor, City Staff, and neighboring communities and County officials

• Supportive of neighborhoods, businesses, and public safety offices (Police, Fire, EMS, Downtown Clean & Safe Team) to positive interactions and finding solutions for maintaining public safety

• Advocates for safe, affordable, accessible, and meaningful housing for Duluth’s diverse population and varying economic needs

• Maintains collaborative communication with regional legislators to advocate for Duluth’s needs while seeking to understand “across-the-state” issues that affect Duluthians and all Minnesotans

• Has a strong working relationship with the City of Superior Mayor, Staff, and Councilors for cross-regional coordination that contributes to the greater interests of the Twin Ports community

On Council, Renee has been a champion for the human and natural environment to meet Duluth’s needs in countless ways. Here’s a snapshot:

Supporting economic opportunities that bring large, medium, and small business opportunities to the region

• Lincoln Park business district redevelopment

• Supporting the Spirit Mountain Recreation Area Authority for its continued enhancement of public recreation opportunities in all seasons, providing public access to hiking and biking trails, the establishment of a world-class cross-country ski course, and community access to family and racing-friendly alpine skiing and adventure park

Recognizing the transportation infrastructure that puts Duluth uniquely positioned with access to world economies through Great Lakes shipping, rail and freight movement, interstate highways, the U.S. Highway 53 Corridor of Commerce to Canada, and air cargo connections via the Duluth Airport Authority

• Effective and supporting engagement with the Lincoln Park businesses and neighborhoods, Port, and MnDOT District 1 to plan for the transition to construction of the Twin Ports Interchange and minimize business and residential disruptions.

• Support MnDOT and WisDOT, Duluth Seaway Port Authority and Port business district, and the Duluth/Superior Communities for the planning of the future Blatnik Bridge replacement

• Engagement with the Duluth Airport Authority for major runway reconstruction projects at both airports and to support future needs of Duluth’s business and leisure travelers through the Duluth International Airport

• Supporting the needs of the Air National Guard 148th Fighter Wing to maintain its air/land facility within the Duluth International Airport airfield.

Supporting major medical services and regional trauma centers for NE Minnesota, NW Wisconsin, and NW Ontario, where Duluth’s Essentia and St. Luke’s Hospitals and suite of affiliated clinics, specialists, and air-link trauma capabilities make Duluth a life-saving community for tens of thousands of northland residents.

• Council support for engaging the Minnesota Legislature for bonding monies to meet the needs of the Essentia Hospital expansion and St. Luke’s heliport reconstruction

Champion for higher education where the Twin Ports and greater region is a powerhouse of education for all people

• Duluth and neighboring communities provide multiple higher education opportunities through local university and college systems.

• In Duluth, UMD, CSS, Lake Superior College

• Nearby is Fond du Lac Tribal Community College, UWS, WITC, and the community college systems within Ely, Virginia, Eveleth, Hibbing, and Grand Rapids)

Perpetual realist about the needs for infrastructure improvement by working directly with the Council, Mayor, and City Staff to understand the costs and timelines associated with reconstruction, replacement, repurposing, and/or rehabilitation of Duluth’s aged utilities, streets, and buildings in core business districts and neighborhoods across our vast municipal boundary.

• Working every year to support the “street tax” dollars to be allocated for the planned reconstruction and rehabilitation of Duluth’s streets

• Collaborating effectively to advocate for bonding dollars to support the multi-year reconstruction and utility replacement of downtown Superior Street, including connection to the steam plant

• Working with Council, Planning Commission, and City Staff to pursue neighborhood redevelopment and revitalization opportunities

Consummate collaborator on environmental concerns and climate change, living and breathing the connections humans have with land, sky, water, flora, fauna….

• Supporting fellow Councilor, City Staff, and Planning Commission for Woodland neighborhood development that minimized impacts to the upper Amity Creek watershed to maintained neighborhood needs regarding traffic, safety, and viewshed

• Supporting Duluth’s continued efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by seeking the bonding dollars needed for the Duluth Steam Plant to transition from coal to natural gas

• Supporting Duluth’s Public Works Department, the Mayor, and Canal Park businesses through the multi-season effort to repair and replace the damaged Lake Walk due to increased storm frequency and effects

• Supporting Public Works and community needs for safe routes for non-motorized transportation by promoting bike lanes, walkways, sidewalks, and accessibility to the Lake Walk, Cross-City Trail System, Waabizheshikana (“The Marten Trail”)/Western Waterfront Trail, and Munger Trail.

• Supporting Duluth’s utility infrastructure improvements through continuous planning for the monies and timelines for Duluth’s Public Works Department to implement reconstruction, replacement, and rehabilitation of storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and collaboration with WLSSD to manage and reduce runoff and sewer overloading impacts to Lake Superior

• Believing in our Minnesota Statutes and Rules that provide regulatory guidance and a framework for decisions in the best interest of the people and the environment

• Working with our local, state, and federal agencies and expert teams to advise on project reviews and decisions in the public’s interest

• Participating in civil discourse and seeking to understand the needs of the human and natural environment for effective policy implementation and decision-making