Renee recently received the endorsement of the Duluth Firefighters Local 101 and Outfront Minnesota Action in her campaign to represent the 4th District on Duluth’s City Council.

Pete Johnson, the president of Local 101, shared this about Renee:

“Renee truly understands our role in the community and the services we provide…we value her willingness to step up and lead.”

Renee has also demonstrated her willingness to lead in making sure that the City of Duluth is equitable for all who live here.  OutFront Minnesota Action noted this, as shared by their Executive Director, Monica Meyer:

“In a time when underrepresented communities are calling for their voices to be heard Renee Van Nett has a clear vision to bridge divides and to move the community towards a more equitable future. Renee has a strong background in advocacy and will no doubt be a strong member on the Duluth City Council. As a long ally of the LGBTQ community OutFront Minnesota Action is proud to support Renee Van Nett .”

Check out Renee’s endorsement page to see her growing list of supporters.