Announcing Renee’s Candidacy

On February 24, Renee announced her intention to represent District 4 for the Duluth City Council.  She was introduced by County Commissioner Beth Olson.  Here are the words Renee shared:

Thank you Commissioner Olson, I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to be here. I’ve known Beth for a long time, we have an amazing relationship. I plan on working with county commissioners and all of our public officials on public safety, employment, and being accessible to the community.

Friends, when I ran for school board 2 years ago I believed all our children deserve a quality education – I still believe that today. While talking to people across the City about our children’s education, I learned more than I ever imagined. I learned folks had different experiences across the city. I began to explore, I began to research, I began to get more involved and build relationships. Thru this work I’ve learned it’s 100% about relationships! Relationships….Relationships….Relationships

And relationships bring me back to accessibility. The people of the 4th district have had my voice to represent them in public safety matters through my continued work on the CRB, and being their bridge to getting their needs met.

And that will continue when I’m your 4th district city councilor.

I currently work at Community Action Duluth as an Employment Navigator in the Bridge to Employment Program. My job is to provide participants and community members with employment opportunities and support. The people I work with are those who do not always have a voice, they are often underrepresented and do not always have the same opportunities for employment as others.

In my position I have made relationships and partnerships with various businesses in our community. My work on the civil service board ensures opportunities are fair and accessible to all. As your 4th district city councilor I will continue to work with businesses and employers to provide opportunities that benefit both parties.

My district is home to many distinct neighborhoods. From Lincoln Park and Duluth heights to Observation Hill and Piedmont, each with their own distinct identities. As I move through this campaign I want you to know I will be accessible. I will listen to your concerns. I plan on hosting neighborhood listening sessions to meet with you to hear how things are going and to find out what your needs are. That too will continue when I become your 4th district city councilor.

Above all else, my campaign is about accessibility. I want my friends and neighbors to know their concerns are a valuable part of our city.

In closing I thank you for being here with me today and I ask you for your support as I seek the 4th district seat.  Check out to donate and to find out how you can get involved with my campaign.