Renee sitting at table writing with "Elect Renee" sign in front of her.Bringing Your Issues Forward

As your City Councilor, I will make sure that no matter where you live in the fourth district, that you feel safe and can take pride in where you call home.   I will do that by focusing on the three points of public safety, employment, and accessibility.

Public Safety

I have always been interested in public safety, I was working with the Police department in relationship building long before being appointed to the (DCRB) Duluth Citizen Review Board. In this early part of my career I helped the police department understand diverse communities. In return, I was able to learn about public safety and was trained in police policies and was able to understand how I could help strengthen community understanding of Community policing and its issues that I may have not be afforded otherwise.  I am a supporter of community policing.  The 21st Century community policing model that we work from. Just this summer, the Police Department command staff and community leaders were invited to train together on Implicit Bias a science based approach to policing. I was honored to be a part of the training was it very valuable to myself and other community members as well as to the Duluth police command staff.

As a member of the Duluth Citizen review board for over 5 years I have been able to help the community build better relationship’s between the Duluth Police Department and community by being the bridge between the two groups. I want to make sure that the public understands what it takes to be safe. I want people to know that there can be a way to communicate with community officers and it will be beneficial to everyone involved.


I am employed at Community Action Duluth as an Employment Navigator and I work to assist our (MFIP) Minnesota Families Investment Program participants and community members with employment issues, opportunities and training, GED and education support. I also serve on the Civil Service board to ensure that the City of Duluth is working toward a more equitable diverse workforce. I want to make sure that everyone has the option of union representation and fair practices for community success.


I am passionate about many other issues such as Food deserts we are experiencing in the middle of town and streets, housing for all, education, drug epidemic, but most of all I want to know your concerns. I want to make sure I am a city councilor who will “report back” to the district and listen and ask questions so I can accurately know what the people in the 4th need. It is important that I understand your needs and concerns after all this is OUR home and it matters to me that we aren’t left out of decision making at City Hall.

If I am elected keep an eye out for “report back sessions in the 4th” throughout the whole term.