Members of the public are able to monitor the City Council meeting and speak during Opportunity for Citizens to be heard by joining the Meeting through WebEx Events. Below are instructions on how to join and participate through WebEx.

1. Visit You will be redirected to a WebEx event portal.

2. Under “Join Event Now,” enter your name and email address. You do not need an event password. Please note that you cannot join the meeting until it starts at the designated time.

3. You will enter the meeting as an “attendee” this means that you can see and hear the event, but other event participants cannot see your video and cannot hear your audio unless/until you are acknowledged by the Council President.

4. If you would like to speak during “Opportunity for Citizens to be Heard,” please utilize the raised-hand icon to signal that you would like to speak. You can do this by opening the participant window (round participant icon at the bottom of the screen) and selecting the hand icon in the lower right hand portion of the screen. The Clerk will only acknowledge those attendees who have “raised their hand” by selecting the hand icon.

5. When you are acknowledged, please state your name, address, and the agenda item you are speaking to. Please note public comment is limited to three minutes per person in order to accommodate all speakers.